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DYPSIS LUTESCENS (Golden Cane Palm) is a multi-stemmed variety that forms a clump topped with feathery, pale, yellow-green leaves.


LIVISTONA  AUSTRALIS (Australian Fan Palm) has huge circular fan leaves with jagged edges and is best grown in shade.


VEITCHIA MERRILLII (Christmas Palm) has feather-shaped leaves and produces bright red fruit.


CARYOTA (Fishtail Palm) has jagged-edged leaves that are shaped like the fins and tails of fish.


BISMARCKIA NOBILIS (Bismarck Palm) has large, fan-shaped leaves, blue or silver-grey in colour, these can grow to an average height of 20-30 feet.


PTYCHOSPERMA MACARTHURII (Macarthur Palm) has multiple, slim, ringed grey trunks which are topped with soft green, feathery, flat, broad leaves with tips that appear jagged and torn.


HYOPHORBE LAGENICAULIS (Bottle Palm) has a huge swollen trunk and a smooth grey surface and a shape that makes it look like an arrangement of palm fronds in a vase.


CYCAS REVOLUTA (Sago Palm) has a very symmetrical crown of shiny, dark green leaves on a thick shaggy trunk.


PHOENIX ROEBELENII (Pygmy Date Palm) has small yellowish flowers and the fruit resembles a small, thin-fleshed date.


ELAEIS GUINEENSIS (Oil Palm) has flowers which are produced in dense clusters; each individual flower is small, with three sepals and three petals.The fruit is reddish, about the size of a large plum and grows in large bunches.


ROYSTONEA (Royal Palm) has a crown of leaves and a trunk accentuated with bulges, these palms are grown in large quantities and are used in many landscape designs.


CYRTOSTACHYS RENDA (Sealing Wax Palm) is commonly known as the 'Lipstick Palm'. The main attraction is the deep red leaf sheaths of this clustering palm.


WODYETIA BIFURCA (Foxtail Palm) is a very attractive palm with long plumose leaves (hence the name 'Foxtail'), and can grow up to 10m tall with a grey trunk.


DYPSIS DECARYI (Triangle Palm) has leaves which grow on three distinct sides of the plant, forming a triangle. Yellow and green flowers branch out from the lower leaves.



Flowering trees: Cinnamon Bay, Orange Jasmine and Bottlebrush.  


Flowering shrubs: Plumbego, Hibiscus, Oleander, Ixora and Firecracker.


Foliage plants: Allamanda, Bougainvillea and Croton.

We have a wide range of rare and common varieties of palm trees, flowering trees, shrubs and foliage plants in our nursery. Palm trees come in various sizes from 2ft to 6ft in single or double pots.


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